On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 05:59:10PM +0200, Frank wrote:
> Op 12-10-16 om 17:17 schreef Mark Fletcher:
> >I wonder if passing the --fetchmailrc option will work. The systemd
> >journal snippet I included in my original post shows that fetchmail is
> >getting started successfully -- but by the morning it's not running.
> >Now, clearly nothing gets past me, but that means it's terminating.
> >Which suggests it doesn't know what it is supposed to do once it is
> >started. Which suggests maybe it's not finding the fetchmailrc file?
> Looking at question C6 in the fetchmail FAQ, I'd say that's quite likely...
> :)

Likely though it may have been, I'm afraid it didn't work. I modified 
the last line of the script to: sudo -u mark fetchmail -d 900 
--fetchmailrc /home/mark/.fetchmailrc

Which is the correct location of my .fetchmailrc.

Then sudo journalctl -b | grep fetchmail shows:

Oct 12 23:59:04 kazuki systemd[1]: Starting LSB: init-Script for system 
wide fetchmail daemon... 

Oct 12 23:59:04 kazuki fetchmail[2801]: Not starting fetchmail daemon, 
disabled via /etc/default/fetchmail. 

Oct 12 23:59:04 kazuki systemd[1]: Started LSB: init-Script for system 
wide fetchmail daemon. 

Oct 13 01:30:06 kazuki sudo[4323]: root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; 
USER=mark ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/fetchmail -q 

Oct 13 01:30:06 kazuki homebackup.sh[4280]: fetchmail: background 
fetchmail at 3734 killed. 

Oct 13 03:48:33 kazuki sudo[5443]: root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; 
USER=mark ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/fetchmail -d 900 --fetchmailrc 

[lines justified to make them easier to read]

I rebooted yesterday evening, as I was playing around with tails, but 
that is a different story. So the above is the entirety of the output of 
the command.

The first 3 lines are the system-wide fetchmail daemon getting kicked 
off at system boot and deciding not to do anything.

Subsequently, unknown to systemd, I started fetchmail as my unprivelegd 
user mark by hand from the command line using fetchmail -d 900 . That 
invariably works correctly.

In line 4 you can see my backup script stopping fetchmail by running 
fetchmail -q as user mark. Again this command does not involve systemd 
(except for the fact that it is being executed in a script which is 
being executed by a systemd unit)

Line 5 reports the success of that command.

And line 6 _appears_ to be a successful execution of the (modified) last 
line of the script, sudo -u mark fetchmail -d 900 --fetchmailrc 
/home/mark/.fetchmailrc , except once again this morning I got up to 
find fetchmail was not running. And once again running fetchmail -d 900 
from the command line started it successfully.

So I see Nicolas and others suggested other approaches involving greater 
logging of what is going on overnight after I had gone to bed; my next 
step is to try some of those ideas.


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