On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 04:55:06PM +0200, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le duodi 22 vendémiaire, an CCXXV, Mark Fletcher a écrit :
> > > strace -f -e execve -s 10000 -o /tmp/my_script.$$.$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S) &
> > But there is no my_script.<anything> in /tmp... WhaFu?
> My bad, I forgot the end of the command:
> -p $$
> (insert just before the final ampersand)

I will check this out later because I want to understand what was going 
on, but I am happy to report that switchng to the system-wide fetchmail, 
a unit for which was already in systemd (but which was prevented from 
doing anything by /etc/default/fetchmail, and by the fact it was 
unconfigured) has solved the problem.

So as described in a mail I wrote last night, I've moved my .fetchmailrc 
to /etc/fetchmailrc (which is not an obnoxious thing to do on this 
machine because I am the only habitual user) and enabled this run of 
fetchmail in /etc/default/fetchmailrc, and now systemctl start fetchmail 
and systemctl stop fetchmail start and stop fetchmail meaningfully.

(Also had to change the ownership of /etc/fetchmailrc to the user 
fetchmail, when I copied ~mark/.fetchmailrc to /etc/fetchmailrc as root 
the result was initially owned by root which given the recommended 
permissions of 600 wouldn't have worked)

I moved my refresh interval from the command line to the fetchmailrc 
file -- /etc/default/fetchmailrc provides a means to influence the 
command line but putting all the options in the fetchmailrc felt 
cleaner, now that I think on it.

And then in my original script sudo -u mark fetchmail -q can be replaced 
with systemctl stop fetchmail, and sudo -u mark fetchmail -d 900 can be 
replaced with systemctl start fetchmail

I made all these changes last night and got up this morning to find 
everything working as it should be.

So this issue is now downgraded from an actual issue to a research 
project of why it wasn't working the old way. Which I will still be 
investigating and will post if I find something interesting.

Thanks to all, especially in this case Nicolas, for your help and 


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