On Friday 07 October 2016 15:43:17 Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> On 2016-10-04 22:51:34 +0100, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > On Tuesday 04 October 2016 08:25:46 Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > > my position remains the same:
> > > aptitude is poorly designed.
> >
> > Fine.  So don't use it.  But moaning won't help anyone, not even you. 
> > You don't like Aptitude.  We get the message.  So don't use Aptitude.
> And what do you propose instead?

I don't use Sid, so haven't tested out which package managers are good for it 
when there are problems, but how about looking at apt or apt-get?  Ben says 
that he has great success with apt-get.  Apt-get is much less aggressive than 
aptitude - but less fully featured.

If I use aptitude with a large number of upgrades, I try to break it up.  At 
the very least I do
# aptitude update
#aptitude -s safe-upgrade
# aptitude safe-upgrade
# aptitude -s full-upgrade
# aptitude full-upgrade

Thus giving me a chance to sort out problems before I wreck my system!

Then nothing  gets removed if I don't want it to be.

And there are tricks like:


 If you ask what people find good for that particular problem, I am sure you 
will get a lot of helpful replies.


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