Hi John,

John Gathm:
> hello,
> As strange as it may sound, the "automated install" entry of the Debian
> installer CD seems to be broken on Jessie.
> When I select "automated install" in the boot menu I am not prompted (after
> the usual network setup ) with the dialog to enter pressed file path/url.
> This happens in VirtualBox or on real hardware, either in BIOS or UEFI mode.
> This works fine with wheezy installer.
> Anyone met the same issue ?

Instead of guessing what might be the issue here:
Have you read section 3.2 of the jessie release notes (1)?
Have you read the Appendix B (especially B.1.1.)of the install doc
available for Jessie (2)?
Maybe you can find the solution to your specific problem there.

you are running automated install with debconf priority critical and, as
a consequence, this question is being (deliberately) omitted.
you are already using preseed via initrd which is loaded directly at the
beginning of the install process and thus are waiting in vain for the
prompt to appear.
But I don't like guessing without more info so I refer you to the docs.




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