just not running anything.
Just discovering that a behavior of previous Debian installer is either
broken or has been removed, and asking if others see the same behavior.

Will report a bug.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 4:07 PM, Stephan Beck <sb...@secure.mailbox.org>

> Hi John,
> John Gathm:
> > hello,
> >
> > As strange as it may sound, the "automated install" entry of the Debian
> > installer CD seems to be broken on Jessie.
> > When I select "automated install" in the boot menu I am not prompted
> (after
> > the usual network setup ) with the dialog to enter pressed file path/url.
> > This happens in VirtualBox or on real hardware, either in BIOS or UEFI
> mode.
> > This works fine with wheezy installer.
> > Anyone met the same issue ?
> Instead of guessing what might be the issue here:
> Have you read section 3.2 of the jessie release notes (1)?
> Have you read the Appendix B (especially B.1.1.)of the install doc
> available for Jessie (2)?
> Maybe you can find the solution to your specific problem there.
> Guesses:
> you are running automated install with debconf priority critical and, as
> a consequence, this question is being (deliberately) omitted.
> you are already using preseed via initrd which is loaded directly at the
> beginning of the install process and thus are waiting in vain for the
> prompt to appear.
> But I don't like guessing without more info so I refer you to the docs.
> Cheers
> Stephan
> (1)https://www.debian.org/releases/jessie/releasenotes
> (2)https://www.debian.org/releases/jessie/installmanual

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