On Mon 19 Feb 2018 at 21:16:20 +0100, deloptes wrote:

> Brad Rogers wrote:
> > So far, my experience with KDE/QT5 has been good;  Things that were, in
> > the past, broken, now work again.  I've not found anything wrong at all.
> > 
> yes a friend installed it and showed it to me, so the difference was there.
> I also looked at Qt5 and the Sailfish OS project - it is impressive.
> > That said, I don't now, nor have I ever, used kmail, so can't comment
> > about the state of play there.
> but this friend also does not user kmail and I am a heavy kmail user.
> And even kmail is not the problem but the attitude of the KDE team.

This is the second time you have ascribed dubious motives to the KDE
team. Technical criticisms are within the bounds of posting to -user;
crediting them with some unspecified "attitude" and disregarding fixing
"broken stuff" isn't.


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