On Monday, February 19, 2018 3:16:20 PM EST deloptes wrote:
> Brad Rogers wrote:
> > So far, my experience with KDE/QT5 has been good;  Things that were, in
> > the past, broken, now work again.  I've not found anything wrong at all.
> yes a friend installed it and showed it to me, so the difference was there.
> I also looked at Qt5 and the Sailfish OS project - it is impressive.
> > That said, I don't now, nor have I ever, used kmail, so can't comment
> > about the state of play there.
> but this friend also does not user kmail and I am a heavy kmail user.
> And even kmail is not the problem but the attitude of the KDE team.

I am a long time kmail user.  I have noticed significant improvment in 
stability and the filtering of incoming mail.  I use the filtering extensively. 
Before the last release, at the beginning of a KDE session, filtering was OK, 
but it slowed down with use.  In the latest version, it is extremely fast, and 
it doesn't get slower with use.  The only "bug" I have found in this version 
of kmail (5.5.2) is that an occasional "ghost" message will be in a folder and 
can't be removed.  I store emails locally via IMAP--one message per file--and 
except for the ghosts, I am extremely pleased.  I currently have over 126,000 
messages stored and about 8 "ghost" messages.  I searched through the 
individual files that contain the e-mails and I can't find files for the ghost 

If the attitude of the KDE folks is the problem, please remember that they are 
not full time KDE programmers and customer service is probably not their 
strong suit.  

I don't know if you consider this a valid comparison or not, but:
In October 2017 (as I recall), my bank (which shall remain nameless) announced 
that there would be a new version of the on-line access software coming out on 
January 1st.  Then, around January 10th they announced that the upgrade had 
some unresolved issues, and would not be rolled out until February 1st.  
February 1st arrived and passed.  The new software was put in place on the 
12th.  Since then, I have been unable to login to my account.  No help on the 
screen.  When I called last week, they said that they were ware of the problem 
and were working very hard to resolve it.  No apology.  They can tell me my 
balance over the phone, but that is about it.  IMO, this is absurd.


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