Richard Owlett wrote:
> fvwm-crystal was also suggested. When installed it was in some sense
> "cleaner" but still too busy. Launched fvwm which had been installed by the
> fvwm-crystal package.

There's not much configuration in the fvwm package of Debian, indeed.

> I rebooted expecting a minimal fvwm display. I got a command line.

A console command line ? (Whole screen is one window with no graphical
ornaments ?)
Iirc, i got an empty screen with no input opportunity but a pull-down
menu by right mouse button, where i could start an xterm.
As stated earlier, i then copied my ~/.fvwm2rc from backup to my newly
installed Debian.

You will have to start with some example configuration and then adapt
it until suits your expectations.
There are many. But there is the problem of trusting such software.

Steve McIntyre's example would be trustworthy
because you trust Steve with each and every Debian installation.
I cannot say, though, how easy it will be to adapt.
  # Heavy use of m4 here - needs to be called as `fvwm2 -f "FvwmM4 .fvwm2rc"'

I could also give you mine. With many of its lines i should be able
to tell why i have them and what they do. But some might be surprising
for me too. Not all are necessarily supposed to do something usable.
I have an empty ~/.fvwm directory too. It does not hamper my ~/.fvwm2rc.

Give me a note if i shall send it to you in private. (I will have to
check it for embarrassing personal details first ...)

Have a nice day :)


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