Richard Owlett writes:
> I rebooted expecting a minimal fvwm display. I got a command line.  I
> found that though a "/home/richard/.fvwm" directory had been created,
> it was empty. I couldn't find copies of what files should have been
> there on initial first run. Only instructions/examples for adding this
> or that doodad.

You should get an empty display.  Clicking it should get you a menu.
One of the choices should be some sort of configuration widget.  I've
never used it: like most fvwm users I have a highly idiosyncratic config
that has evolved over many years.

You should install all the recommended and and suggested packages.  The
default config others have suggested is a good starting point.

However, the fact that you got a command line is a problem.  Did you
install a display manager?  If not you need to start X manually.
John Hasler
Elmwood, WI USA

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