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>> > On Tue, 3 Apr 2018 11:30:24 -0000 (UTC)
>> > Dan Purgert <d...@djph.net> wrote:
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>> >> Yep, you've got the terms right.  
>> >> 
>> >> Does the buffalo also provide wifi access to other clients close to it?
>> >> or is it JUST trying to pretend that it's a client device to the
>> >> TP-Link?
>> >
>> > I'm not using the Buffalo to provide wireless connectivity to any
>> > clients. The page I linked to does have instructions for doing that,
>> > but I don't need it.
>> Good deal.  Using the buffalo as a wifi repeater would kill throughput
>> for everything connected to it :)
> I was under the impression that this would work even with consumer
> grade routers if the backhaul was on a different band or, with dual
> radio routers, a different channel from the clients.

It's a nuance in the semantics of what it means to "repeat" wifi.
Suffice to say, in order to "repeat" wifi, you have one radio splitting
its time between pretending to be an AP for a client device, and
pretending to be a client device to the upstream AP.

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