Excuse me,but there is something within your argumentation that I don't
like and I want to express what it is. Let's take Linux as an example of
what I want to say. Linux is well known to be an OS that can be installed
on the old machines,helping the people that can't buy a new computer to
surf the net and to do the basic things that they couldn't do using a more
complete and modern PC built with new hardware components. And this is a
linux quality that everyone loves and one of the reasons why Linux is
growing faster on the market.  I think that everyone likes this,right ?
So,why the same logic can't be applied to those software tools that go in
the same direction,to those tools that help the users to have those
functions that those old computers cannot give to them anymore ? Here it
seems there is a contradiction. You may argue that developing for a small
number of old computers isn't worth trying. But,first of all,I think that
there are a LOT of old PCs in the world,since poor people aren't only a
niche. We could discuss,anyway, how to reach the right amount of money to
pay the developers. I'm thinking of opening a crowdfunding campaign for
example. Or any other method to have the money that I can't imagine now. To
do a project like this is socially accepted and helps to work on the
perception of the users that computer science is something that they can
use to develop their life in a good way. Maybe by helping one of those poor
children,we are contributing to educate someone that in the future will
make great things for humanity. I think that using the old relation that
there is between costs and benefits is not applicable in every kind of
situation. There are already a lot of people who work on projects that they
like,but that they have a low social impact. Why not to work on a project
that aims to extend the functions of an old PC. And what's better than
using two operating systems on a single old pc? My old pc has 2 measly
cpu's, I used one for the host and the other for linux emulated with bhyve
and the performance was decent. Is there something that's more useful and
generous than this kind of project ?

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