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Luddites of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your upgrade treadmills

If, by upgrade treadmills, you mean the flatbed treadmills, that have a belt that is turned by the human walking on it, rather than the electric ones with electric motors for lazy humans, the ones that have the belt that is turned by the human walking on it, having a slight, and, adjustable upward grade, then, such treadmills should definitely not be abandoned.

The human powered (rather than electric powered) treadmills are far more healthy, both directly for the human powering the treadmill, and, for the environment, especially, given that most electricity is generated either by burning things, and therefore, creating atmospheric pollution, and, poisoning most lifeforms, or, by nuclear meltdowns, causing radioactive poisoning, and, even worse toxic waste, than from burning things.

So, human powered treadmills, that involve an upward grade, should not be abandoned, the abandonment of which treadmills, threatens life, for the sake of ever-increasing laziness.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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