Greetings all;

As most of you know I'm a DM-II, but the recent shortage of trulicity, a weekly self administerd shot that helps regulate one's blood guclose levels has got us scrambling for alternatives. So a month back I bought one of the so called smart watches that purports to monitor blood sugar.

No mention of it needing to be paired withe iphone or clone there of.

But it does even work as a watch when unpaired. It has no setime from the single button it has, apparently using ntp thru the smartphone pair for that.

Someplace in this midden heap I hail from is a USB3 hub with only 3 usb port, the 4th port has a wifi radio and a cat6 socket. The radios in everything else here are turned off to keep a used to be neighbor from using 80G a month with his cellphone, billed to me.

So the question I'm getting to is: Do we have a utility that can be paired with whatever wifi/bluetooth this thing uses and would allow it to work? This watch is a "MOVEMENT" SMART WATCH. Ack the instructs its a bluetooth, and It looks as if I have to buy a BT adaptor, so advise on that front would be most welcome also.

I tried a bt house net 20 years ago, 3% dependability, haven't messed with it since. Couldn't move a 3k text file even rz/sz-3.3.6 aka zmodem.

Thank you all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett, CET.
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