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    Greetings all;

    As most of you know I'm a DM-II, but the recent shortage of
    trulicity, a
    weekly self administerd shot that helps regulate one's blood guclose
    levels has got us scrambling for alternatives.  So a month back I
    one of the so called smart watches that purports to monitor blood sugar.

"purports" appears to be the correct verb

I got a msg from our state AG warning me about these, but it was 2 days after I had ordered this thing. Too little warning, too late, but I'm the curios type, and this device looks good so I would like to see how it compares with the antique finger prick model we've been using since Hector's great grandfather was a puppy.. New tech sometimes work pretty good while the FDA seems to try to protect old tech.
    (as for the rest of the mail, I have no idea whatsoever).


Cheers, Gene Heskett, CET.
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