>Also since I have the ctrl-click hotlinks I don't need the unit browsing
tree at the left
>of the code window but it insists on returning to the fray every project
load... I would
>also like to drag the project browser into the property inspector window as
a tabbed
>window and remain there as the default... doesn't want that either...

I have managed to turn the stupid code tree thing off by turning off all the
explorer options. And the Ctrl-mouse action is annoying too as I copy and
paste a lot and one hand is moving the mouse while the other is coping and
bang it's gone away searching for the decalre.

Also have you noticed our badly the Find Declaration works. It only seems to
find delphis own source declares and rarely finds any of my own.

Some of there "enhancements" aren't all that pracitical for a professional
programmer and you need to be able to turn all the options off. Even 3-4
seconds delay every few minutes and waste a lot of money over a year.

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