I would allmost totally agree with Nic on this one.

We did an extensive comparision about a year ago between IB 5 and (beta) MS
SQL 7.  In the end we chose IB cause we wanted to sleep at night.  However,
it took until IB 5.5  before Interbase delivered on it's promise.

I still feel that MS SQL is better in a more general purpose or DSS/OLAP
role than IB and it probably handles huge databases better.  Also MS's
optimizer is better.  But for most small to medium size apps/db's - which
is what NZ's users generally are - IB wins every time.

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> Hi all.

OK, I'm a little biased, but still..... (so are most people who have
> I have only really had experience with SQL Server, how does Interbase
> stackup against
> SQL server ?

Basically, except for a few points, it eats its lunch. Period.

> Is is reltivly similar ?

Kinda. Both are RDBMS's with SQL interfaces - a lot of the themes
are the same - SP's, Triggers etc. MSSQL has a nicer interface (UI),
and more built in SP's, but its tied to NT (NOT a good thing if
you need >100 people on the machine), and has a few fundermental
flaws (no row level locking, the log file, having to manually resize
data files (6.5), only one transaction per connection, only one active
statement per connection (this is a biggie), 16 tables per select)

Interbase has stuff all UI, but it doesn't need it (there is stuff all
to configure), it runs on various flavours of Unix as well as NT/9x
(and linux!!), and requires stuff all memory (64meg machine will run
WELL, not on MSSQL). It has pre and post triggers (ie, fire before an
not just after it!), and good SP language (not as good as PL/SQL, but
way better than Transact/SQL), etc.

Oh, and we sell it. :)

> Is it about the same in ease of use ?

>From a developer's POV using Delphi (different if you use VB or VC++),
I think they are about the same. Technically, dont start with IB if you
want to go back to MSSQL at a later date - it (MSSQL) will just
frustrate you


> Is it easy to deploy ?

MSSQL is a MISSION to delpoy, especially in a single user system (ala
and not a load of fun as a server.

Interbase is trivial to install and deploy. Just run the installer. Set
if needed. Put your DB on the machine. Leave it alone.

Embed, Deploy, Relax. I hate taglines, but this one is about right.

> Any info would helpful.

If you need something specific, drop me a line ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). I
done a few comparisons for people of late (I've used MSSQL for about a
at my previous job, from a dev. and admin point, and I have a MCP exam
for it under my belt), and I can forward them to you if you want them

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