> At work, we us VB(agh puke puke !!!) and SQL Server 7 and I must admit, I
> find it quite slow compared to SQL Server 6.5.....and its not just me.....it
> might be a configuration thing, but then is it ment to be "Smart" when it
> decides how much mem. it uses etc.

Trust me, its not. the default config is OKish with a load of memory,
you REALLY need to tweek it. BTW, if you have a few dev's on it (ie, 
6 or so) and you have less then 128meg, kick the CFO and get 128

> I had a play with interbase last night, but I couldn't see how to create
> table, and when I tried to connect to a database, it gave some sort of

  somefield VARCHAR(128),

And then you declare the primary key, which I dont remember how to do,
'cos I generally use StarDesigner for it :)

If you have visual Interdev, create an ODBC source to talk to IB, and
then use VID to make the tables and stuff - or DB Explorer :) - very

But yes, it is lacking a little in the table maint, and admin area. I'm
things are moving in that area, but I dont know specifics or when.

To connect to a db, do something like:

1) Fire up the server manager. Hit the first speed button. Enter "remote
(unless you only have local IB), enter tha name of the machine, select
protocol (IP recommended), enter "sysdba" as the user and "masterkey" as
the PW 
(these are the defaults). Hit connect. It should work. If not, have a
with the connection diagnostics app.

To open a DB, either hit the 3rd button and enter the path (try
c:\program files\interbase corp\interbase\examples\employee.gdb for a
or open the iSQL tool (from the menus), and connect there - its the same
form as connecting to a server, but you also select which DB to open.

Then its all SQL commands, unless you use DB explorer or StarDesigner or
(SD can be gotten in demo form from whoever it is that does

Also, if it asks for just a connection string, use something like:



machine = the machine name
(seperator) = a protocol specifier: ":" = IP, "@" = IPX, "\" = NetBEUI
path-to-db = the full path to the database.


buster:c:\program files\interbase corp\interbase\examples\employee.gdb

(my machine is called buster)

Hope that helps a load. If you are still confuzzed, drop me a line (on
or off the
list) and I'll see what I can do.


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