You can get IB 4 for Linux for free and your Internet customers would
probably love that!

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Thanks Nic.

One further question, the interbase we get with Delphi (4), whats the deal
with that ?
How many lic. does it cover if at all ???

I am thinking of doing some more stuff with out Internet server, i.e.
better databases for client who are currently using access MDB's on it.
I wanted to use MSSQL, but the $$ involved are CRAZY !!! so I have
heard..(this is in an internet enviroment)

Woudl I have the same hasseles with IB ??
I only will have it installed on the server anyway, prob. not my local
machine at all.

Thanks, Jeremy Coulter.

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> > Hi all.
> OK, I'm a little biased, but still..... (so are most people who have
> used
> IB)
> >
> > I have only really had experience with SQL Server, how does Interbase
> > stackup against
> > SQL server ?
> Basically, except for a few points, it eats its lunch. Period.
> > Is is reltivly similar ?
> Kinda. Both are RDBMS's with SQL interfaces - a lot of the themes
> are the same - SP's, Triggers etc. MSSQL has a nicer interface (UI),
> and more built in SP's, but its tied to NT (NOT a good thing if
> you need >100 people on the machine), and has a few fundermental
> flaws (no row level locking, the log file, having to manually resize
> data files (6.5), only one transaction per connection, only one active
> statement per connection (this is a biggie), 16 tables per select)
> Interbase has stuff all UI, but it doesn't need it (there is stuff all
> to configure), it runs on various flavours of Unix as well as NT/9x
> (and linux!!), and requires stuff all memory (64meg machine will run
> WELL, not on MSSQL). It has pre and post triggers (ie, fire before an
> insert,
> not just after it!), and good SP language (not as good as PL/SQL, but
> way better than Transact/SQL), etc.
> Oh, and we sell it. :)
> > Is it about the same in ease of use ?
> From a developer's POV using Delphi (different if you use VB or VC++),
> I think they are about the same. Technically, dont start with IB if you
> want to go back to MSSQL at a later date - it (MSSQL) will just
> frustrate you
> .
> :)
> > Is it easy to deploy ?
> MSSQL is a MISSION to delpoy, especially in a single user system (ala
> IBLocal),
> and not a load of fun as a server.
> Interbase is trivial to install and deploy. Just run the installer. Set
> passwords
> if needed. Put your DB on the machine. Leave it alone.
> Embed, Deploy, Relax. I hate taglines, but this one is about right.
> > Any info would helpful.
> If you need something specific, drop me a line ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). I
> have
> done a few comparisons for people of late (I've used MSSQL for about a
> year
> at my previous job, from a dev. and admin point, and I have a MCP exam
> for it under my belt), and I can forward them to you if you want them
> Nic
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