Here is a link to the VERY PRELIMINARY VERSION of a web interface for Demexp. It can be used on a LAMP/WAMP server with Mod Python installed (python 2.5, Mod Python 3.3.1). Put archive content in the WAMP/LAMP "www" directory.


This code only retreives the first 11 questions from the demexp sever. Its only purpose is to test the graphical interface and the voting process. Please do not send any comments about the code itself yet (I know it's messy and very heavy sometimes). We'll fix that later.

What this code does NOT do:
-Log with a username/pwd different from demo/demo (just because I added a quick-and-dirt "menu" page and did not make a proper code for login)
-Adding responses, questions is not yet implemented
-Voting is not implemented
-Question browsing is not implemented (only 11 first available)
-Links to "categories" is not implemented

        Regards, Lyu

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