On Sun, 2018-04-08 at 09:04 -0400, Freeman Gilmore wrote:
> What I am looking for is something on the syntax of the Scheme
> code.   This should save you time writing .   There is a lot on stuff
> on the web but not sure what is important and because I do not read
> well I do not want to know more than I need to know about scheme.

Well I just read the Wikipedia article on Scheme and found that
interesting - and there are bits of the Guile manual that you might
find worth a read e.g.

which has sections on how you define variables:


and procedures



Perhaps just playing around with the Guile interpreter might help - if
you install Guile you can type expressions in at the Guile prompt and
see what they evaluate to. E.g. the expression

(+ 2 3)

will invoke the procedure named "+" on the numbers 2 and 3. As you
might expect it evaluates to 5. Then

(+ (+ 2 3) (+ 2 3))

evaluates to 10 ... of course, you can't invoke Denemo's procedures
except from Denemo's Scheme Window but you can make Guile display
"hello world"

(display "hello world")

and so on.

 But you won't really know what you will need to know until you know
precisely what LilyPond syntax you want to generate and then I can help
you tell Denemo to generate it. Given an example of one microtone it
would be easy to edit that to generate others...


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