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> On Sun, 2018-04-08 at 09:04 -0400, Freeman Gilmore wrote:
> > Off topic:  Does Denemo use the fonts Fata and Bravura; if so, do
> > they use the same Unicode?   I suspect that the microtonal
> > accidentals use a mix of Unicode glyphs from different sections of
> > the code.
> I presume you are not really trying to find out what fonts Denemo uses
> but what LilyPond uses, because (I hope) you are mainly interested in
> what the final typesetting will look like. Denemo has a font of its own
> for displaying things to the user, these are designed to make it clear
> what is on the screen. Denemo also uses LilyPond's fonts for glyphs it
> doesn't have specialized versions of - such as that sharp sign with one
> vertical and three diagonal slashes. But you could invoke any other
> font if you wished (someone did that for the dynamics indications f,
> ff, mp, ppp etc though quite why I've never been sure). You can also
> tell LilyPond to use alternative fonts, but for information on that you
> would need to look at the LilyPond documentation.
> But so far you haven't indicated that you have tested out LilyPond's
> capabilities for generating the sort of microtonal notation you want to
> see - it would seem there are many notations in use, so you will want
> to be sure that LilyPond can do what *you* want - I don't suppose you
> want to write Turkish music... I just chose that as an example from the
> LilyPond docs.
> Richard
> ​Richard​:

I believe Lilypond uses both Fata and Bravura.    I like the looks of
bravura font and it has a several sets of accidentals you name it plus the
standard Unicode accidentals as well all with afferent glyph code.    If
Lilypond is using Bravura it may be able to use all the accidentals as
well.   And I know that the use a name for them but I wanted to know if
inside the code the name refers to the Unicode.   I have went through many
of the references, including the developers, and found little on microtonal
accidentals.   I did find the Turkish accidental the ones that you sent
plus a very few parts others in the same place.   I know that Graham Breed
did some work on the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis, but it is not there.  He
said it used Unicode but, I think he said it was its own Unicode code
but he was not clear.  He got the font from someone else and may have got
the code also and it could be the same one that Bravura uses, lots of
contributors.   Bravura is the default font for the privet use area U+E000
to F8FF.

Could you direct me to the accidentals that Lilypond uses?

BTW I did get Denemo running took some time and a second down load.   It
did not make a Denemo icon in the start menu but it made all the rest.   I
played around with the with the accidental and made a button. tried several
things to cause it not to work.

The note past to Lilypond may have 4 parts/variables: note name,
accidental, octave, duration.   There is no space between the variables so
this string is not nested Scheme code?   Python handles this?

Than you, ƒ
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