Hi Ivan, Bernhard, all!

Am Montag, den 29.11.2010, 00:10 +1300 schrieb Ivan M.:
> Hi Bernhard, Christoph, all,
> This is a little late, but when putting things into practice, small
> details come up.

Isn't that usual? ;-)

> First, the good part: I managed to get some headway in Inkscape and
> create basic designs for 16x16 and 32x32 document icons that are
> pixel-perfect (the preview image doesn't show this) [1].

Cool, thanks!

> They're missing the application icons
> [...]
> I'll leave that for someone more skilled. [in Inkscape]

Hey, I'm more than happy that you changed the tool in order to improve
our collaboration :-) And, I think there will be some more minor
iterations, so the application icons might wait (a second, or two).

> Now, the ambiguous part: working with the color pallet at [2], I found
> some small points of possible improvement. [...]

> That doesn't mean I propose we use these colors, but
> rather that we make small adjustments to the existing color table. It
> would be ideal if we could use the same corresponding colors from each
> set of colors (i.e. use Blue 1 for the Writer icon where Green 1 is
> used in the Calc icon...)

Yep, of course. Although I did some designs in advance, I noticed this
for the icons as well. Although I had hoped to have some final colors to
enable the guys who (might have started) the marketing material, slight
changes might be possible.

Now the good message from my side: Since we do have this weird Calc
table [1] for creating the palettes, the is not that much hazzle.

> I will comment on Bernhard's design tomorrow - hopefully what I just
> wrote makes some sense :)

Well, I also added some icons to the wiki - to be viewed in Inkscape,
please. Although there are pixel-perfect, the remaining stuff is more
pixel than perfect (color gradient issues, unnecessarily stacked
objects, ...). Personally, I still don't like them that much, but it
should work.

Since some of us talked about to keep the "TDF Document Symbol" as clean
as possible, I went back to use the old metaphor with the "dog-ear"
edge. Okay, here they are: [2].

Some organizational stuff ... Today, I've asked concerning the MIME type
icons for the LibO 3.3 release within the SC phone conference [3].
Although we need to wait a bit longer for the minutes, here is the
(hopefully) essential information:
      * Technically, a release is possible at the end of December, but
        people think that this might not be the best time (Christmas),
        thus early January will be targeted.
      * Changing the icons is possible and the chance for introducing
        "regressions" seems rather low. But, ...
      * People might have started to create marketing material
        (screenshots etc.). Thus, they might rely on a stable version
        that does not change during the next weeks.

Thus, the changes are not that bad, or?

Personally, I do think that a visually pleasing and consistent release
might be more important than some screenshots that might differ a bit.

So, what if we want to work on that? I had a look at the OOo pages
concerning the ODF icons. They do have a good document covering the file
types and the icons [4] - I hope that helps to ensure completeness on
our side.

Bernhard, Ivan, all! Thanks for your great work to make LibO 3.3 not
only an unique, but a truly great release ;-)


[1] http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Marketing/Branding#Resources_3




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