On 13.01.2017 23:11, Michael Siepmann wrote:
> On 01/13/2017 03:02 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>> One extra thought about this process:
>> Although I'll aim to make audio that could stay as final, if the work on
>> the visuals somehow calls for minor tweaks in the script, it's not
>> absolutely set in stone. It's final now, and I hope to not change it,
>> but it's not literally impossible, of course.
> On a related note, the easier it is in future to make adjustments to the
> script and video in light of feedback from a larger audience, the
> better. But of course also, the better it is at the outset, the better.
> All I'm saying is that if there are options for how to make the video
> where one option is slightly better right now, but will make it MUCH
> more work to make changes in future, then it may be worth opting for a
> slightly less optimal option that leaves us more able to make
> incremental improvements in future.

I think you mentioned this earlier.
Thanks for bringing it up again now.
I'll keep in mind that looking at the video from that angle may offer
new ways to proceed with it down the road.

Constantly updating a video has many downsides, but I can see - for
example - how having an AB test might be very valuable.

...if only we had the ressources to gather this kind of data.

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