On 01/12/2017 02:12 AM, J.wuensch wrote:
> @Aron
> I would prefer to work with the audio because I think I would rather go
> for an animatic than a classic storyboard. An animatic is a video where
> there are no final shots, but just rough animation together with the sound.
> Btw, you said you already have started a new thread to discuss the
> story-boarding. Where can I find that thread? I think I didn't receive
> something through the mailing lists. And as far as I know snowdrift
> hasn't moved to Discourse yet. Is it on Taiga? Or is there something
> else I don't know of?

I sent it to this very list we are chatting on. It's an email with the
subject "intro video storyboarding"

And in regards to audio etc. I want to proceed with discussing the basic
*ideas* about what will be in the story board in the mean time until I
get a chance to do a more final audio. We can discuss the basic concepts
and goals before starting to make actual storyboards.

Discourse is indeed not quite ready yet, getting close.

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