On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 04:28:24PM +0200, Robert Martinez (mray) wrote:
> On 30.07.2017 07:32, Jason Harrer wrote:
> > Hello, all -
> > 
> > Sending to both Design & Dev mailing lists, as the discussion applies to
> > both teams, and being that I can't make the weekly meetings (and seldom
> > have time to read the minutes), I figured it best to have the discussion
> > via the mailing lists.
> > 
> > With the SASS work underway (thanks to fr33's diligent patching and iko's
> > diligent updating), I began work this evening reviewing how to start
> > getting the dashboard page moving forward.  In particular, I wanted to
> > validate that all of the requested data that is on the prototype can in
> > fact be obtained.  It turns out that we need to review a big elephant in
> > the room once again.
> > 
> > For reference, the prototype for the Dashboard can be viewed at
> > https://snowdrift.sylphs.net/prototypes/alpha/dashboard/  I know mray is
> > working on some updates here and there, but I don't think his updates
> > included any plans on changing the piece that is the topic of this e-mail.
> > 
> > Under the Matches tab is a big red box that says "Monthly Limit".  This is
> > apparently to reflect a user's ability to limit how much money a user is
> > willing to pay out per month at the most.
> > 
> > There are two major concerns with this part of the prototype:
> > 
> > 1) This goes against the philosophies that Aaron has talked about numerous
> > times, all the way back to when I first started on the project 3-4 years
> > ago.  He was strongly against the concept of applying a cap/limit at all.
> > Iko thinks there was a decision change somewhere along the way in meetings
> > whereby there was an agreement to create a $5 limit for each user during
> > the alpha stage.  Being that I haven't been involved in meetings since the
> > date/time change (as it conflicts with a standing weekly meeting for my day
> > job), I can't really comment on that either way.  I'd like to make sure
> > that everyone is in agreement that this is indeed a function that we wish
> > to have, though, as that decision impacts next steps on moving forward (as
> > outlined below in the summary).
> > 
> > 2) There is currently no back-end support for a limit of any dollar
> > amount.  There isn't even a data element for such a limit to be stored
> > within the database at all (not that I can see, anyway).  Setting up such
> > logic, to the best of my foresight, would most likely entail updates to
> > both the website logic (allowing the user to set their limit, limiting the
> > amount a user can pledge to projects, etc.) as well as crowdmatch logic
> > (ensuring that the total amount we're trying to charge the user doesn't
> > exceed their limit...  Which theoretically should never happen if the
> > website logic works properly to ensure the total we attempt to charge
> > doesn't exceed their limit, but it's always good to double check just in
> > case there's a bug somwhere...).  Such Development work is outside of my
> > comfort zone and would have to rely on another Haskeller to have time to
> > make updates,.
> > 
> > 
> > That being said, we need to discuss whether the Design team needs to remove
> > the limit button/verbiage and adjust the meter to not reflect the limit
> > from the prototype - OR - if the Development team needs to make the
> > appropriate updates in order to support limit functionality.
> > 
> > Any questions, please ask away.
> > 
> > Thanks!!
> > 
> > - Jason (JazzyEagle)
> > 
> > 
> I'm not well informed about the exact current status from the code side.
> My latest info on that matter is: There would be a hard 5$ limit,
> without any way to change that. Adding an adjustable limit would have to
> be implemented later on.
> In terms of design this means a button is grayed out, and there is some
> text that explains why it isn't working yet.
> If it turns out we don't have any limit whatsoever I expect a very bad
> impact on our credibility due to the hypothetical case of a pledge
> amount explosion.
> You say there is no hard 5$ limit. How hard is it to implement that?

It currently *is* implemented. It is part of the manual pledge
process. That pledge process goes like:

1. Check to see if the global donation amount (which is the same for
   everyone who is a patron) is over or under the limit.
2. If it is under, do the pledge.
3. If it is over, have a major effin' celebration, because that means
   Snowdrift has an income of $25,000 per month.

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