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Juergen Schmidt-3 wrote:
where you have installed the SDK? It is important that you install it in the default location into your 3.0 office installation. If you made a default installation of OO 3.0 it will be detected automatically. Otherwise select the base layer by hand.

hi J├╝rgen, I'm very impressed that I got an answer that fast, but also very
sorry: it did not solve my problem.
I uninstalled the SDK and reinstalled it using the default location (i.e.
D:\Programme\OpenOffice.org 3\Basis\sdk), but still the problems remain
exactly the same as before :-(
(anyway: netbeans (or rather the plugin)  were clever enough to ask for the
correct location of the sdk)
So, back to square 1. Possibly I have a computer constellation thet is not
common: C: with Vista (only for testing, I don't work under Vista), D: with
XP . Could that be a problem?
mmh, strange. Can you try the following.

Configure the office again under Tools -> Options ... If the SDK doesn't change to the correct SDK in the office installation delete the config file. You find the config file in your NetBans user directory under <netbeans_user_dir>/config/Settings/org-openoffice-exensions.xml
After you have delete it configure the office again.


thx, george

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