r_george wrote:
The settings were correct, but still no java files - I tried everything you
suggested. I attach a log file in case it tells you more... (
OOoNBIntegration29542.log OOoNBIntegration29542.log)

Anyway I believe that wizards are only helpful for the very start, are there
somewhere sample projects available for download?
yes, the wizards help with the initial steps. The Java skeletons are generated with an external tool from the SDK. I don't have plans to enhance this tools that it can extend existing skeletons.

Anyway some kind of wizard/tool to allow highlevel editing of xcu files i on our wish list. Maybe some specialized tools for menu/toolbar items.

IDL files can be easy changed by hand. After compilation you can easy use NB to create at least an empty method body for new interface methods.

There is a lot of space for improvements and i have a lot more ideas but the problem is the time ...

I will check your problem asap.


And maybe an idea for future developments: a dialog where I can edit my
menu/toolbar commands later ?

thanks for your efforts,


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