On 8/8/17 6:40 PM, Blake Kaplan wrote:
What part of the current set-up is rocket science?

Debugging pageload.  Especially pageload with no session history.

In multi, there's
definitely a problem figuring out which process is the active one (though
tooltips when hovering over tabs can help).

That doesn't help when you want a no-history load. You might get an entirely new process. Or one of your existing processes, who knows.

remote tab, you can load pages in that tab and we'll stay in the same process.

Right, but then you have to worry about the interactions of the unload and new load...

That means that loading about:blank explicitly, attaching to that tab's
process, setting breakpoints, and loading the page should do the right thing.

Hmm.  Do we load about:blank from the url bar in a content process?


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