Thanks everyone for commenting on this thread.  As a note, we run many tests in 
non-e10s mode:
* android mochitest, reftest, crashtest, marionette,
* mochitest-chrome
* xpcshell
* gtest/cpptest/jittest
* mochitest-a11y
* mochitest-jetpack (very few tests remain)

While there are many tests which individually are disabled or lacking coverage, 
these test suites have no non-e10s coverage:
* web-platform-tests
* browser-chrome
* devtools
* jsreftests
* mochitest-webgl, mochitest-gpu, mochitest-media
* reftest un-accel

I would propose running these above tests on windows7-opt (we don't have these 
running yet in windows 10, although we are close), and only running specific 
tests which are not run in e10s mode, turning them off December 29th, 2017.

Keep in mind we have had many years to get all our tests running in e10s mode 
and we have known since last year that Firefox 57 would be the first release 
that we ship e10s by default to our users- my proposal is a 4 month temporary 
measure to let test owners finish ensuring their tests are running in e10s mode.
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