On Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 5:08:53 PM UTC-6, Gijs Kruitbosch wrote:
> Can someone elaborate on what this means for debugging on Windows, and 
> for our onboarding story on Windows?

I just checked to be sure this was all working, and it is. I have VS 2017 and 
the 'Install Microsoft Child Process Debugging tool' installed.

1) open mozilla build console
2) get your repo and such set up
3) run mach bootstrap setup
4) export your .mozconifg location info
5) mach build
46:53.92 We know it took a while, but your build finally finished successfully!
6) mach build-backend
Generated Visual Studio solution at (obj dire path)\msvc\mozilla.sln
7) Open Visual Studio 2017
8) Open the generated mozilla sln file
9) Set firefox.exe as the default startup application
10) F5

Full source code annotations, variable info, breakpoints, everything works. 
This was definitely a clang build too.

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