On Mon, Dec 10, 2018, at 8:29 PM, Kartikaya Gupta wrote:
> This is sort of tangential, but what's the linking story currently?
> Are we still linking with MSVC, or with lld?

We're using lld-link for Windows builds in CI:

> I discovered recently
> that the rust toolchain we use in automation on windows tries to use
> link.exe for linking.

We use binaries repackaged from Rust releases, so this is just the way rustc 
works on Windows. We do pass the linker we use for non-Windows platforms down 
to cargo in the Firefox build:

and we pass down a host linker on Win32 builds because we use a 64-bit rustc:

> I'm in the process of trying to get standalone
> webrender tests running on taskcluster/windows, and to do that I had
> to ensure that the worker has MSVC installed (I couldn't get it to
> play nice with lld-link.exe from the clang-cl toolchain, but maybe I
> didn't do it right). If we remove support for MSVC generally, are we
> going to remove the MSVC tarballs from tooltool as well?

Due to some other reasons we will still require the MSVC tarballs for building 
in CI. We need the standard library headers + libs as well as the Windows SDK 
even when using clang-cl.

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