Hi Gerv,

This is the final report: 

Please let me if you have any questions about the report, thanks.

Best Regards,

Richard Wang
WoSign CA Limited

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Hi Richard,

On 07/09/16 11:06, Richard Wang wrote:
> This discuss has been lasting two weeks, I think it is time to end it, 
> it doesn’t worth to waste everybody’s precious time.

Unfortunately, I think we may be only beginning.

I have prepared a list of the issues we are tracking with WoSign's certificate 
issuance process and business:


Please can you provide a response to issues F, P, S and T at your earliest 

In addition, if you have further things to say about issues D, H, J, L, N or V 
we would be happy to hear them.

Thank you for your suggestions, but once Mozilla has a full understanding of 
what has gone on we will be in a better position to decide what next actions 
are appropriate.

With best wishes,

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