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On 20/09/16 01:24, Richard Wang wrote:
> This case is WoSign problem, you found out all related subordinate
> companies and all related parent companies that up to nine
> generations! I think this is NOT the best practice in the modern
> law-respect society.

Particularly if each company is wholly owned by it's parent, it doesn't
seem to me to be particularly important how many companies there are in
the chain.

Again, I would reiterate that no-one is suggesting that anything illegal
has happened during the acquisition of StartCom by WoSign.

> To answer your question, I am sorry I don't know who is my
> shareholder's shareholder's shareholders, this is out of my job.

Richard, according to the records you are a (or the only) director of
all of the StartCom companies, and CEO and a shareholder in WoSign. I
don't think these questions are about things outside your knowledge.

Unless you have corrections to make to the conclusions Mozilla has drawn
from the available company data (which are, in short, that all the
statements listed by Peter are true) then we will continue to proceed
with that view of the situation.

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