There could be multiple books to tell the story of Qihoo 360 and Mr.Hongyi 
Zhou, Qihoo 360 fighted with Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent, the three largest 
internet companies of China in the past 10 years, there were a lot of law suits 
there, win and lose together, the ecosystem of China internet is a little bit 
special with others of the world, it is not my focus to discuss that here.
After 11 years, Qihoo 360 is the largest internet security company of China, 
the products are widely adopted by China internet users, it is not something 
could be instructed by the government, we must did something right.

Xiaosheng Tan

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    > The Chinese wikipedia has well documented controversies surrounding Qihoo 
360. Unfortunately, it's not translated into the English Wikipedia. So please 
go to
 and use Google Translate.
    This is true, Search
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