Accroding to this newspaper, 360 do have join the GFW project at 2012-07-02.

However, the chief of 360, 周鸿祎, personally said it is not true in a local SNS 

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 10:58:34 AM UTC+8, 谭晓生 wrote:
> Yuwei, 
> I don’t know who you are, but I can tell you and the community, Qihoo 360 
> never been involved in ***** Fire Wall project, if you did some investigation 
> to the message that accused Qihoo 360 joined the project “Search Engine 
> Content Security Management System”, you should know the project had been 
> done on Feb 2005, before Qihoo 360 was founded on Aug 2005, and the project 
> is neither part of the ***** fire wall project nor a project done by Qihoo 
> 360, actually it is part of the efforts to help Yahoo’s search engine could 
> work in China, I was the tech head of Yahoo!China ‘s tech team, director of 
> engineering and soon the CTO of Yahoo!China, I know what happened at that 
> time.
> Thanks,
> Xiaosheng Tan
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