Indeed, Yahoo! has bad reputation on both spyware/malware[1] and censorship[2].

Ironically, Yahoo! Assistant, the successor of 3721 Internet Assistant (also 
called 3721 helper) was identified as malware by 360Safe, which is a product of 
Qihoo 360.[3]

In 2007, Eric Yang, the co-founder and CEO of Yahoo! faced questions from a 
Congressional committee with respect to the company role in the arrests of 
journalists in China.[4]

Recentlly, It was exposed that Yahoo! secretly built a custom software program 
to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information.[5]


On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 11:01:22 PM UTC+8, 谭晓生 wrote:
> Are there any words saying “award to Qihoo to recognize their long time 
> support for censorship”? 
> It is an official thanks letter from The Ministry of Public Security of the 
> People’s Republic of China, the equivalent organization with FBI of U.S, it 
> thanks for my team and myself to join the information security work the 3rd 
> Sept military review affair! I can tell you that my team and myself joined 
> the information security work for G20 meeting just finished last month, I 
> might got a thanks letter soon, is there anything wrong to do that? 
> If anybody care about this, please ask somebody to translate this letter for 
> you, I do not have time to waste here on somebody lied.
> For the malware accuses, Yahoo acquired 3721 in 2003, do you think Yahoo 
> acquired a malware company? Is there any anti-virus software killed 3721’s 
> software? 
> Thanks,
> Xiaosheng Tan
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> solar”< 代表 
>> 写入:
>     Some more information. 
>     3721 helper, the most notorious malware in china was created by Hongyi 
> zhou and his company 3721 in 1998. According to Mr. Tan's bio, he was the 
> development director of 3721. So I believe he directly participated in and 
> led the development of the malware.
>     There is another evidence of Qihoo cooperating with chinese government to 
> censor the internet. Last year, the Ministry of Public Security (the 
> stakeholder of GFW) give an award to Qihoo to recognize their long time 
> support for censorship especially during the event of the 70th anniversary of 
> the victory of World War II. The official paper of the award 
> ( was listed on Qihoo website. But it was 
> soon removed before widely exposed in public. Moreover, the chinese name(谭晓生) 
> of Mr. Tan Xiaosheng was mentioned in the official paper.
>     I do NOT trust the person who developed malware, and I also do NOT trust 
> the CA involved in censorship.
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