On 14/10/16 10:50, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 14/10/16 10:41, Rob Stradling wrote:
>> Gerv, does Mozilla need to make a final decision on this point immediately?
>> I very much hope that there will be more CT logs by the time StartCom
>> and/or WoSign are readmitted into Mozilla's trust list.  Why not delay
>> making this decision until nearer that time?
> We don't have to make a decision, in that we are not going to mandate a
> particular log. We have just set some criteria. If those criteria are
> easier to meet by the time StartCom/WoSign have to meet them, then great
> :-)

Sure, but aren't we talking about specifying criteria for which log(s)
StartCom/WoSign _can't_ use in future?

If Mozilla would prefer to forbid StartCom/WoSign from using their own
or each other's logs, then ISTM that it would be best to specify
criteria that is conditional on the future state of the CT ecosystem:
e.g., "StartCom/WoSign must not use their own or each other's logs,
unless no other browser-accepted log accepts their roots"

If the criteria can't be conditional, then I think you'd end up with...
"StartCom/WoSign may use their own logs forever, because there was a
dearth of any other non-Google logs available to them in October 2016"

...that is, unless you say...
"StartCom/WoSign must not use their own or each other's logs.  This
policy may be revised in the future".

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