> Others have noted the mismatch here with an October 1 date elsewhere in 
> the document. I think we should pick a single date in the future, to 
> allow the CAs concerned to wind down operations without leaving 
> customers having just obtained certs which will stop working in a few 
> months. So I would argue for October 21st in line with our principle of 
> minimal disruption to cert owners. 

I think Oct 1st is a better deadline. WoSign has stopped issuing DV certs since 
Sept 29th and Apple has banned certs after 2016-09-19. There is no reason to 
give WoSign another week of time to issuing new certs. 

"Sorry, due to some security consideration, 
WoSign decide to close the free SSL certificate application temporarily. Sept. 
29th 2016.
You can visit https://www.startssl.com to get a Free SSL Certificate."
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