On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 9:47:24 AM UTC+11, Percy wrote:
> > Others have noted the mismatch here with an October 1 date elsewhere in 
> > the document. I think we should pick a single date in the future, to 
> > allow the CAs concerned to wind down operations without leaving 
> > customers having just obtained certs which will stop working in a few 
> > months. So I would argue for October 21st in line with our principle of 
> > minimal disruption to cert owners. 
> I think Oct 1st is a better deadline. WoSign has stopped issuing DV certs 
> since Sept 29th and Apple has banned certs after 2016-09-19. There is no 
> reason to give WoSign another week of time to issuing new certs. 

FWIW, I've got a StartCom cert here dated Not Valid Before: Tuesday, 4 October 

I'll deal with if if it's decided to kill Start off and impact customers from 
before this decision, but it'll be a (possibly unintended?) pain in the arse...

(https://metricon.mobiddiction.com.au/ for anyone curious...)

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