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> In particular, I'm hoping to expand upon the choice to allow existing
> certs to continue to be accepted and to not remove the affected roots
> until 2019.


From my understanding the problem here is that the alternative of simply
whitelisting the existing certificates isn't feasible, because there
are too many of them.

*however* from what I remember almost all the time the free options of
startcom/wosign were limited to one year. (I think there was a short
period of time when it was possible to get 3-year-certs from wosign for
free, but they removed that shortly afterwards.)

Therefore there should be some middlegroupd option:
a) Keep the existing root for 1 year and trust that wosign won't
backdate certificates
b) After that the vast majority of wosign/startcom certificates will be
expired. The number of the remaining ones is probably low enough to
make whitelisting feasible.

I haven't checked CT logs for expiration dates, so this is more a
guess, but given the history of cert issuance and the reasonable
assumption most certs used the free option this seems plausible.

Hanno Böck

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