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> Also, in the responses, Symantec claims that MSC Trustgate is no longer an
> RA (but could be a reseller). I did a quick search on crt.sh for recent
> certificates that have supplied by MSC Trustgate:
> [link]
> Going back to April 2013, this is the *only* "supplied by MSC trustgate"
> certificate in crt.sh that chains off a Symantec root; all others are 
> Globalsign.
> Can Symantec confirm that they vetted this (OV) certificate in-house? While I
> suppose MSC could supply certs from multiple CAs, I find it odd that
> everything in the logs since April 2013 is Globalsign except this one outlier 
> --
> and am concerned it means there was some mechanism for MSC to issue /
> have issued a cert off a Symantec chain -- and this concerns me given the
> higher nominal level of validation.

MSC Trustgate is an approved reseller of Symantec certificates. They are no 
longer operating as an SSL/TLS RA. This certificate was authenticated and 
issued by Symantec after having been properly submitted to us by MSC Trustgate.
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