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On 02/05/17 16:11, Alex Gaynor via dev-security-policy wrote:
I know several CAs are using certlint
as a pre-issuance check that the cert they're about to issue doesn't have
any programmatically detectable deficiencies; if it doesn't already cover
some of these cases, it'd be great to add them as a technical means for
ensuring that this doesn't regress -- things like N/A should be an easy
enough check to add I'd think.

Simple project idea (perhaps for https://github.com/cabforum):

A CSV file that contains 2 items per line:
1. An optional comma-separated list of Subject attribute shortnames.
2. A string that a CA should probably not encode as a complete Subject

"O","Internet Widgits Pty Ltd"

Anyone (CA representatives, industry researchers, etc, etc) would be
able to submit PRs, CAs would be invited to consult this list when
evaluating certificate requests, and certlint would be able to report on

For simplicity and consistency with usual best development practices
("3rd normal form"), perhaps at most one attribute shortname in column

e.g. Your example would be written as:

"O","Internet Widgits Pty Ltd"



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