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>> I don't believe that disclosure of root certificates is the responsibility
>> of a CA that has cross-certified a key.  For instance, the CCADB interface
>> talks in terms of "Intermediate CAs".  Root CAs are the responsibility of
>> browsers to upload.  I don't even have access to upload a "root"
>> certificate.
> I think the Mozilla Root Store policy is pretty clear on this point:
>> All certificates that are capable of being used to issue new certificates, 
>> and which directly or transitively chain to a certificate included in 
>> Mozilla’s CA Certificate Program, MUST be operated in accordance with this 
>> policy and MUST either be technically constrained or be publicly disclosed 
>> and audited.
> The self-signed certificates in the present set are all in scope for the 
> disclosure policy because they are capable of being used to issue new 
> certificates and chain to a certificate included in Mozilla’s CA Certificate 
> Program. From the perspective of the Mozilla root store they look like 
> intermediates because they can be used as intermediates in a valid path to a 
> root certificate trusted by Mozilla.

There are two important things about self-issued certificates:

1) They cannot expand the scope of what is allowed.
Cross-certificates can create alternative paths with different
restrictions.  Self-issued certificates do not provide alternative
paths that may have fewer constraints.

2) There is no way for a "parent" CA to prevent them from existing.
Even if the only cross-sign has a path length constraint of zero, the
"child" CA can issue self-issued certificates all day long.  If they
are self-signed there is no real value in disclosing them, given #1.

I think that it is reasonable to say that self-signed certificates are
out of scope.

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