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> The most recent BR audit report for the Visa eCommerce Root contains 3
qualifications: http://enroll.visaca.com/WTBR%20eComm.pdf

Does Mozilla have any guidelines or official position on what constitutes
sufficient audit issues to result in sanctions? Frankly I'm stunned that
any CA in the Mozilla root program can apparently ignore the baseline
requirements for approximately 4 years after their effective date, get an
initial BR audit with multiple qualifications, and see no penalty from this
behavior. And this is disregarding several other BR violations found in the
wild by independent researchers. I realize I'm banging the same drum as in
my other thread, but without consistent enforcement of escalating penalties
I don't believe we're teaching CAs anything other than that Mozilla will
ultimately forgive almost any transgression. Unless you catch them on a bad
day, in which case you might get distrusted entirely.

-Paul (reaperhulk)
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