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> > The most recent BR audit report for the Visa eCommerce Root contains 3
> qualifications: http://enroll.visaca.com/WTBR%20eComm.pdf
> Does Mozilla have any guidelines or official position on what constitutes
> sufficient audit issues to result in sanctions?

As Gerv described in the other thread [1], Mozilla's current approach is to
document each issue and view them in aggregate, rather than defining a set
of penalties that apply in given situations. Mozilla has certainly required
actions from CAs as a condition to remaining in the program, but those
"sanctions" have been defined in the context of specific situations. While
I also find the idea of defining more generic penalties appealing on the
surface, I'm not convinced that it would lead to better outcomes for our

Frankly I'm stunned that
> any CA in the Mozilla root program can apparently ignore the baseline
> requirements for approximately 4 years after their effective date, get an
> initial BR audit with multiple qualifications, and see no penalty from this
> behavior.

Their initial BR PITRA was in 2016. It lists 7 qualifications [2]

And this is disregarding several other BR violations found in the
> wild by independent researchers. I realize I'm banging the same drum as in
> my other thread, but without consistent enforcement of escalating penalties
> I don't believe we're teaching CAs anything other than that Mozilla will
> ultimately forgive almost any transgression. Unless you catch them on a bad
> day, in which case you might get distrusted entirely.
> In this particular case, my conclusion is that the existing Mozilla
process is working. We have documented a number of issues that when
considered in aggregate warrant an investigation.

- Wayne

[2] https://bug1301210.bmoattachments.org/attachment.cgi?id=8795503

-Paul (reaperhulk)
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