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> A scary example, I know, but StartCom's original system was once described
> as taking the public key data (and they emphasized _only_ the public key
> data) from the CSR.  Everything else was populated out-of-band of any PKI
> protocols via the website.
> Frankly, I don't see how anyone permitting signature over a third party
> public key without proof of control of the matching private key creates a
> risk.  I think if there are relying-party systems where this creates a
> problem, the error is in those relying-party systems and their respective
> validation logic.

Why would StartCom's system be "A scary example" when you acknowledge
that you don't see how it creates a risk? The scenario you ascribe to
StartCom is exactly what is recommended, of CAs, in numerous CA
incident bugs where the failure to apply that restrictive model has
lead to misissuance.
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