CABForum's current Basic Requirements, section 3.2.1, is titled "Method to
prove possession of private key".

It is currently blank.

A potential attack without Proof of Possession which PKIX glosses over
could involve someone believing that a signature on a document combined
with the non-possession-proved certificate constitutes proof of possession,
and combined with external action which corroborates the contents of the
document could heuristically evidence the authority to issue the document.
(Yes, this would be a con job. But it would be prevented if CAs actually
had the applicant prove possession of the private key.)

Regardless of that potential con, though, there is one very important thing
which Proof of Possession is good for, regardless of whether any credible
attacks are "enabled" by its lack: it enables identification of a situation
where multiple people independently generate and possess the same keypair
(such as what happened in the Debian weak-key fiasco). Regardless of how
often it might be seen in the wild, the fact is that on every key
generation there is a chance (small, but non-zero) that the same key will
be generated again, probably by someone different than the person who
originally generated it. (With bad implementations the chance gets much

With proof of possession, these situations can be detected and raised as
being not-just-theoretical, and the CAs (or whoever wants to search the CT
logs) can notify the entities involved that they probably want to change
their keys. In the case of CA keys potentially being duplicated, this is an
incredibly important capacity.  In the case of EV certificate keys being
duplicated, it can be a reportable event for the certified entities (such
as banks) if copies of their private key are found to be in the possession
of anyone else.

Non-zero probability of duplication is not zero probability of duplication,
and relying on it being "close enough to zero" is eventually going to bite
us all.  It's up to those who work for CAs to put in mitigations for when
that day ultimately arrives, or else risk the viability of not only their
businesses but every other CA business they compete with.

So, I request and encourage that CABForum members consider populating
clause 3.2.1 of the Basic Requirements, so that Proof-of-Possession be

-Kyle H

On Sun, May 17, 2020, 22:23 Matthew Hardeman via dev-security-policy <> wrote:

> > In particular, there must have been some authorisation carried out at
> some
> > point, or perhaps that wasn't carried out, that indicates who requested
> the
> > cert.  What I'm trying to discover is where the gap was, and what's
> > required
> > to fix it in the future.
> >
> What gap, exactly?  There’s not a risk here.
> I don’t think it’s been codified that private key possession or control has
> to be demonstrated.
> I think it would be plausible for a CA to allow submission of a public key
> in lieu of a CSR and that nothing would be wrong about it.
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