I've noticed that while some people are still submitting their weekly
status updates on http://statusupdates.dev.mozaws.net/ (thank you!),
it's both not everybody and we're missing a bunch of the more active
community members who might like to highlight their work.

I'd love to either get that moving again or move to something that
people like more (e.g., edunham suggested http://standu.ps/ ).

I find this really useful on the team so that we all know what each
other are working on, especially since we cancelled the weekly
meeting. It's also included externally in "This Week in Servo" so
others get a sense for what's in progress but not yet landing.
Finally, internally it's helpful for people funding the project to
have a general sense for what everybody's doing without having to ask
myself or Jack :-)

Opinions? I'm also open to pushback here that status reporting is too
much work and larsberg should just be scraping scraping harder on

- Lars
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