I'm not a Servo person, but...

I think hand-written updates are *much* better than auto-generated
updates, because you can put interesting context and background into
hand-written updates. (In my long experience at Mozilla I enjoy
reading hand-written updates of various kinds, but auto-generated ones
I invariable ignore.) They're a great way to communicate what you've
been doing to other people. They're also a good way to be aware of
your own progress and self-motivate, e.g. "that was a really
productive week" or "that was a crappy week, I'll try to do better
next week".

I also don't think a weekly update is onerous. I have a calendar
reminder which means I don't forget it. I have a text file in which I
write down things when I land them. I have a Bugzilla search that
finds patches I've landed in the past 7 days which I use to check if
I've forgotten to add anything to the text file. So when I go to
submit my update it's already 90% complete. The whole thing accounts
for maybe 10 minutes of effort a week. Maybe I'm a paragon of
organization and efficiency, but it really doesn't seem that hard. For
employees in particular, "keep your colleagues informed" is a basic
responsibility and this is an easy and effective way to do it.

As for moving to a different system -- are there any features that
Status Updates is missing? It's not a complicated thing. Does it need
more than a textbox and a "send" button?


On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 2:07 AM, Lars Bergstrom <larsb...@mozilla.com> wrote:
> I've noticed that while some people are still submitting their weekly
> status updates on http://statusupdates.dev.mozaws.net/ (thank you!),
> it's both not everybody and we're missing a bunch of the more active
> community members who might like to highlight their work.
> I'd love to either get that moving again or move to something that
> people like more (e.g., edunham suggested http://standu.ps/ ).
> I find this really useful on the team so that we all know what each
> other are working on, especially since we cancelled the weekly
> meeting. It's also included externally in "This Week in Servo" so
> others get a sense for what's in progress but not yet landing.
> Finally, internally it's helpful for people funding the project to
> have a general sense for what everybody's doing without having to ask
> myself or Jack :-)
> Opinions? I'm also open to pushback here that status reporting is too
> much work and larsberg should just be scraping scraping harder on
> GitHub.
> Thanks,
> - Lars
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