Also as a follow up, I noticed that the OpenWireProtocalManager already
fires a couple advisories for new connections/destinations.  I can
certainly create a PR to add more advisories but I guess really the
question is whether or not we should support the advisories across any
protocol or not.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 8:32 AM, Christopher Shannon <> wrote:

> In general it would be nice if all of the current advisories that are
> supported in 5.x could eventually be supported in Artemis as well.   As I
> was looking at Artemis's notifications to see what currently existed one
> thing I noticed was that there is a lack of producer notifications. Having
> an advisory sent when a producer is created is something that I know I use
> all the time.
> I dug into this and it looks like the reason is because Artemis doesn't
> actually track a producer until the first message is sent.  In fact there's
> no notion of a producer on the core wire format at all (there's no packet
> type for it).
> I realize that many protocols don't have the notion of a producer...In 5.x
> this is handled by just creating ProducerInfo objects on first connection
> when a protocol doesn't support it (ie Stomp, etc). However, the JMS API
> does have a specific call to create a producer so I find it useful to get
> an advisory message and to track when producers come online even if not
> every protocol supports this.
> So I guess I wanted to see what people thought about adding a notification
> for producers and also trying to fill in the gaps for the rest of the
> advisory topics that are missing.

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